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Quality Party Rental Tent Fittings and Tent Supplies

-  Over 20+ Years of Manufacturing  -

West Coast Frame Tent Parts & Tent Accessories

Heavy Duty - Quality Built - Made in the USA

Tent Fittings

We manufacture High Quality West Coast Style Tent Fittings. All Fittings are made here right in the USA. We use a strong 1-1/4 Schedule 40 steel pipe. Fittings can be powder coated or galvanized for your needs.


Tent Ratchets

Please view our Tent Tiedown Ratchets We carry 1" and 2" heavy duty ratchets for Party Rental Tents. Commercial tent supplies.


Tent Accessories

If you are looking for some unique Tent Accessories that will enhance the safety and strength of your Frame Tent, please browse our additional items for sale. Tent Parts and Supplies.


All Fittings for Tents Advantage

We take the time to do things Right!

  • Quality Welded Strong Fittings

  • Great Customer Service

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  • Made in the USA

  • Superior Manufacturing Processes

Canopy Ratchets

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Tent Parts and tent fittings that we offer are commercial tent supplies, tent parts and supplies for the party rental industry, wholesale party tent fittings, buy tent supplies, replacement tent fittings, buy tent fittings, also canopy fittings, buy canopy parts, and buy party tent replacement parts, party tent replacement fittings and connectors.

American Made...

All these tent items for sale we can do. Our products are made right here in the USA. American made party tent parts.

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About Us 

Our Top welder has been welding for over 30 years. He has been in the Party Rental business for over 20 years. He has welded tent fittings, clear span parts, scaffolding, and a variety of other items. Tent and Canopy Fittings wholesale prices. 

We buy top quality steel and make strong welds. We want you to feel at ease when you buy our Tent Fittings.

If there is a tent part you do not see on our website, please feel free to call 816-872-9173 or Email Us. Thank You.